News 12-11-2012 – Website updates & reviews/interviews.

Today we have made quite a few updates to our website to make everything look and work better. The Layout has been updated and there is more info to be found on the website’s pages now.

On the music page you can now listen to four(!) complete songs from the debut-album & the media page now holds both photo’s and videos.

Nyx Aether has also been featured on a number of webzines recently both for reviews and interviews! You can check out these reviews and interviews by following the links below:

Review @ (English)
Interview @ (English)
Review @ (Greek)
Review @ Lords Of (Dutch/English)
Review @ Power Of (English)
Review @ Wings Of (Dutch)
Interview @ Wings Of (Dutch)
Review @ Zware (Dutch)

Our grattitude goes out to all the people who have taken the time to listen to our record and take a dive into the musical world that we have created. We hope you all enjoyed the ride!

“Be a consumer, or become a creator!”

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